About The Pastor

Pastor Terry Larsen believes in the power of God because he has experienced it in his life.
Called to preach at the age of 17 he has served churches in the piedmont area of North
Carolina for the last 32 years.
“In ministry I have done a little of everything except lead the music. There is a reason they
haven’t let me near the microphone to sing. It would clear the building.”
As a graduate of Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Rev. Larsen has
been blessed with a great education and many years of pastoral experience. Pastor Terry also
has a love for people. He counts it an honor to serve the Lord with his church family here at
The Grove.
He counts his family as one of God’s greatest blessings in his life. His wife Donna is a
wonderful ministry partner and serves the Lord alongside Terry. They have three grown
children and one grandson.